aky Patch Management - Rezepte

Philipp Weibel
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May 23, 2024 4:53 AM
Application Identifier
1Password 7.app 1password
1Password.app 1password8
1Password.app 1password8@arm
4K Video Downloader+.app 4kvideodownloaderplus
4K Video Downloader+.app 4kvideodownloaderplus@arm
AbaClient.app abaclient
AbaClientManager.app abaclientmanager
abbu icbu.app abbuicbu
A Better Finder Rename 11.app abetterfinderrename
Ableton Live 11 Lite.app abletonlive11lite
Abstract.app abstract
Acorn.app acorn
Acronis Cyber Protect Connect.app acroniscyberprotectconnect
Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent.app acroniscyberprotectconnectagent
activmgr.app activdriver
Inspire.app activinspire
Adobe Acrobat.app adobeacrobatdc
Adobe Acrobat Reader.app adobeacrobatreader
Adobe AIR Installer.app adobeair
Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.app adobecreativecloudcleanertool
Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.app adobedigitaleditions
Affinity Designer.app affinitydesigner
Affinity Designer 2.app affinitydesigner2
Affinity Photo.app affinityphoto
Affinity Photo 2.app affinityphoto2
Affinity Publisher.app affinitypublisher
Affinity Publisher 2.app affinitypublisher2
Aircall.app aircall
AirDroid.app airdroid
Airflow.app airflow
AirParrot 3.app airparrot
AirServer.app airserver
Alfred 4.app alfred
Alfred 5.app alfred5
Algodoo.app algodoo
AltTab.app alttab
Amazing Slow Downer.app amazingslowdowner
Amethyst.app amethyst
Android File Transfer.app androidfiletransfer
Android Studio.app androidstudio
Android Studio.app androidstudio@arm
Angry IP Scanner.app angryipscanner
Angry IP Scanner.app angryipscanner@intel
Anki.app anki
Anki.app anki@arm
AnybookStudio.app anybookstudio
AnyDesk.app anydesk
AnyDesk.app anydeskfernwartung
ApacheDirectoryStudio.app apachedirectorystudio
Apache NetBeans.app apachenetbeans
Apparency.app apparency
AppCleaner.app appcleaner
ApplePiBaker.app applepibaker
Applite.app applite
App Wrapper 4.app appwrapper4
AppZapper.app appzapper
Aquamacs.app aquamacs
Araxis Merge.app araxismerge
Arc.app arc
Archi.app archi
Archi.app archi@arm
Arduino IDE.app arduinoide
Arduino IDE.app arduinoide@arm
Aria2D.app aria2d
Asana.app asana
AstroImageJ.app astroimagej
AstroImageJ.app astroimagej@arm
Astropad Studio.app astropadstudio
aText.app atext3
Atlassian Companion.app atlassiancompanion
Atom.app atom
Audacity.app audacity
Audio Hijack.app audiohijack
Authy Desktop.app authy
Autodesk Fusion 360.app autodeskfusion360
AutoMounter.app automounter
AutoPkgr.app autopkgr
Avogadro2.app avogadro2
Avogadro2.app avogadro2@intel
Backblaze Downloader.app backblazedownloader
BackLog.app backlog
Backup and Sync.app backupandsync
BackupLoupe.app backuploupe
balenaEtcher.app balenaetcher
BambuStudio.app bambustudio
Bartender 3.app bartender
Bartender 4.app bartender@4
Basecamp 3.app basecamp
BBEdit.app bbedit
Beam Studio.app beamstudio
Beekeeper Studio.app beekeeperstudio
Beekeeper Studio.app beekeeperstudio@arm
beook.app beook
BetterDisplay.app betterdisplay
BetterTouchTool.app bettertouchtool
Beyond Compare.app beyondcompare
BiBox.app bibox
Bitwarden.app bitwarden
Blender.app blender
Blender.app blender@arm
BlueJ.app bluej
BlueJeans.app bluejeans
BOOKii.app bookii
Boom 3D.app boom3d
Boop.app boop
Boxcryptor.app boxcryptor
Brackets.app brackets
Brave Browser.app bravebrowser
Brave Browser.app bravebrowser@arm
Bria.app bria
Brickv.app brickv
Bruno.app bruno
Bruno.app bruno@arm
Burn.app burn
Burp Suite Community Edition.app burpsuitecommunityedition
Burp Suite Community Edition.app burpsuitecommunityedition@arm
Business Communication.app businesscommunication
BusyCal.app busycal
BusyContacts.app busycontacts
CADintosh X.app cadintoshx
Caffeine.app caffeine
Cakebrew.app cakebrew
calibre.app calibre
Callbar.app callbar
Camtasia 2022.app camtasia
Camtasia 2023.app camtasia2023
Brother CanvasWorkspace.app canvasworkspace
Capto.app capto
Carbon Copy Cloner.app carboncopycloner
Celestia.app celestia
Charles.app charles
CheatSheet.app cheatsheet
Choosy.app choosy
ChromeRemoteDesktopHost.app chromeremotedesktophost
Cinch.app cinch
Circuit.app circuit
Cisco Jabber.app ciscojabber
Cisco Proximity.app ciscoproximity
Cisco Webex Meetings.app ciscowebexmeetings
Citrix Workspace.app citrixworkspace
ClamXAV.app clamxav
Classroom Mode for Minecraft.app classroommodeforminecraft
Clevershare.app clevershare
ClickCharts.app clickcharts
ClickShare.app clickshare
Clin doeil.app clindoeil
CLion.app clion
CLion.app clion@arm
ClipGrab.app clipgrab
CloudMounter.app cloudmounter
CMake.app cmake
cnlabSpeedTest.app cnlabspeedtest
coconutBattery.app coconutbattery
CodeRunner.app coderunner
ColorNavigator 7.app colornavigator7
Comic Life 3.app comiclife3
Company Portal.app companyportal
Console.app console
CotEditor.app coteditor
Cricut Design Space.app cricutdesignspace
CrossOver.app crossover
Cryptomator.app cryptomator
Cryptomator.app cryptomator@arm
Cyberduck.app cyberduck
DaisyDisk.app daisydisk
DarkModeBuddy.app darkmodebuddy
Dash.app dash@6
DataGrip.app datagrip
DataGrip.app datagrip@arm
DBeaver.app dbeaver
DBeaver.app dbeaver@arm
DDPM.app ddpm
Debookee.app debookee
DeepL.app deepl
DEPNotify.app depnotify
DEVONthink 3.app devonthink
DFU Blaster.app dfublaster
DHS.app dhs
Dialog.app dialog
Discord.app discord
Disk Drill.app diskdrill
DisplayLink Manager.app displaylinkmanager
DNS Agent.app dnsagent
DNSMonitor.app dnsmonitor
Docker.app docker
Docker.app docker@arm
Download Full Installer.app downloadfullinstaller
draw.io.app draw
Dropbox.app dropbox
Dropbox.app dropbox@arm
Dropbox Capture.app dropboxcapture
Dropbox Capture.app dropboxcapture@arm
DropDMG.app dropdmg
Duo Desktop.app duodesktop
EagleFiler.app eaglefiler
EasyFind.app easyfind
Eclipse.app eclipsecpp
Eclipse.app eclipsecpp@arm
Eclipse.app eclipseide
Eclipse.app eclipseide@arm
Eclipse.app eclipsejava
Eclipse.app eclipsejava@arm
Eclipse.app eclipsejee
Eclipse.app eclipsejee@arm
Edulo.app edulo
Edulo.app edulo@arm
Elmedia Player.app elmediaplayer
Emacs.app emacs
EndNote 20.app endnote20
Enpass.app enpass
Enterprise Telephony.app enterprisetelephony
Epic Games Launcher.app epiclauncher
ESET Endpoint Antivirus.app eset
EShare.app eshare
Espresso.app espresso
EtreCheckPro.app etrecheckpro
EV3 Classroom.app ev3classroom
Evernote.app evernote
eWolke Web.app ewolkeweb
Exam.net.app examnet
Fantastical.app fantastical
Fetch.app fetch
Fig.app fig
Figma.app figma
Figma.app figma@intel
FileMaker Pro.app filemakerpro19
FileMaker Pro.app filemakerpro20
FileZilla.app filezilla
Filius.app filius
FinanceMissionHeroes_MacOS.app financemissionheroes
Find Any File.app findanyfile
FireAlpaca.app firealpaca
Firefox.app firefox-en
Firefox.app firefox-fr
Firefox.app firefox-it
Firefox.app firefox
Firefox.app firefoxdeveloperedition-en
Firefox.app firefoxdeveloperedition-fr
Firefox.app firefoxdeveloperedition-it
Firefox.app firefoxdeveloperedition
Firefox.app firefoxesr-en
Firefox.app firefoxesr-fr
Firefox.app firefoxesr-it
Firefox.app firefoxesr
First Boot Package Install Generator.app firstbootpackageinstallgenerator
Fission.app fission
FlashPrint 5.app flashprint5
FLEXOPTIX App.app flexoptixapp
Flow.app flow
Flux.app flux
ForkLift.app forklift
Formular-Designer.app formulardesigner
Foxit PDF Editor.app foxitpdfeditor
Foxit PDF Reader.app foxitpdfreader
Franz.app franz
Franz.app franz@arm
FreeCAD.app freecad
FreeCAD.app freecad@arm
FreeFileSync.app freefilesync
Freeplane.app freeplane
Freeplane.app freeplane@arm
FSMonitor.app fsmonitor
Funter 6.app funter
GameMaker.app gamemaker
GanttProject.app ganttproject
GanttProject.app ganttproject@arm
Garmin Express.app garminexpress
GIMP.app gimp
GIMP.app gimp@intel
GitButler.app gitbutler
GitButler.app gitbutler@arm
GitHub Desktop.app github
GitHub Desktop.app github@intel
GitKraken.app gitkraken
GitKraken.app gitkraken@arm
GoLand.app goland
GoLand.app goland@arm
Google Ads Editor.app googleadseditor
Google Chrome.app googlechrome
Google Chrome Beta.app googlechromebeta
Google Chrome Canary.app googlechromecanary
Google Drive.app googledrivefilestream
Google Earth Pro.app googleearth
GoToMeeting.app gotomeeting
Grammarly Editor.app grammarlyeditor
GrandPerspective.app grandperspective
GraphicConverter 10.app graphicconverter10
GraphicConverter 11.app graphicconverter11
GraphicConverter 12.app graphicconverter12
Greenfoot.app greenfoot
Haiku.app haiku
HandBrake.app handbrake
Hazel.app hazel
HELBLING Media App.app helblingmediaapp
Hex Fiend.app hexfiend
Hidden Bar.app hiddenbar
HIN Client.app hinclient
HIN Filebox.app hinfilebox
HIN Talk.app hintalk
HIN Talk Video.app hintalkvideo
Horos.app horos
HoverCam Flex.app hovercamflex
HP Easy Admin.app hpeasyadmin
Hype.app hype
Hyper.app hyper
Hyper.app hyper@arm
i1Profiler.app i1profiler
Icons.app icons
ICQ.app icq
iExplorer.app iexplorer
IINA.app iina
iMazing.app imazing
iMazing Profile Editor.app imazingprofileeditor
Inkscape.app inkscape
Inkscape.app inkscape@arm
Insomnia.app insomnia
install4j.app install4j
Install Disk Creator.app installdiskcreator
InstaShare2.app instashare2
IntelliJ IDEA.app intellijidea
IntelliJ IDEA.app intellijidea@arm
IntelliJ IDEA CE.app intellijideace
IntelliJ IDEA CE.app intellijideace@arm
IPSecuritas.app ipsecuritas
iResize4.app iresize4
iTerm.app iterm
Jabra Direct.app jabradirect
Jamf Connect Configuration.app jamfconnectconfiguration
Jamf Environment Test.app jamfenvironmenttest
Jamf Framework Redeploy.app jamfframeworkredeploy
jamf-migrator.app jamfmigrator
Jamf Printer Manager.app jamfprintermanager
Jamf Pro Switcher.app jamfproswitcher
Jamf Return To Service.app jamfreturntoservice
Jamf Switcher.app jamfswitcher
Jamf Sync.app jamfsync
jamovi.app jamovi
JetBrains Toolbox.app jetbrainstoolbox
JetBrains Toolbox.app jetbrainstoolbox@arm
jhc.app jhc
Joplin.app joplin
Joplin.app joplin@arm
Karabiner-Elements.app karabinerelements
kdenlive.app kdenlive
kdenlive.app kdenlive@arm
KeePassXC.app keepassxc
KeePassXC.app keepassxc@arm
KeepingYouAwake.app keepingyouawake
Keka.app keka
Kerio Connect.app kerioconnect
KextViewr.app kextviewr
Keybase.app keybase
Keybase.app keybase@arm
KeyCastr.app keycastr
KeyStore Explorer.app keystoreexplorer
KiCad.app kicad
Kindle.app kindle
kitty.app kitty
kMeet.app kmeet
KNIME.app knime
KNIME.app knime@arm
KnockKnock.app knockknock
krita.app krita
Ladibug.app ladibug
Laserbox.app laserbox
LastPass.app lastpass
LaunchBar.app launchbar
LaunchControl.app launchcontrol
LearningView.app learningview
LearningView.app learningview@arm
LehrerOffice.app lehreroffice
LehrerOffice-DBAdmin.app lehrerofficedbadmin
LehrerOffice Zusatz.app lehrerofficezusatz
Lens.app lens
Lens.app lens@arm
LibreOffice.app libreoffice
LibreOffice.app libreoffice@arm
LICEcap.app licecap
Lingon X.app lingonx
linked-helper.app linkedhelper
Linphone.app linphone
LiteIcon.app liteicon
Logi Options.app logitechoptions
Logitech Presentation.app logitechpresentation
LogiTune.app logitune
Loom.app loom
Loom.app loom@arm
LosslessCut.app losslesscut
LosslessCut.app losslesscut@arm
Low Profile.app lowprofile
Lumi.app lumi
Lumi.app lumi@intel
LycheeSlicer.app lycheeslicer
LyX.app lyx
Maccy.app maccy
MacDown.app macdown
MacmillanEducationTeacher.app macmillaneducationteacher
MacPass.app macpass
Macs Fan Control.app macsfancontrol
LaTeXiT.app mactex
Mactracker.app mactracker
MacUserGenerator.app macusergenerator
MacVim.app macvim
MacX DVD Ripper Pro.app macxdvdripperpro
MacX Video Converter Pro.app macxvideoconverterpro
MailRaider Pro.app mailraiderpro
MakeMKV.app makemkv
Malwarebytes.app malwarebytes
MAMP PRO.app mamp
MAMP PRO.app mamp@arm
Mattermost.app mattermost
Microsoft AutoUpdate.app mau
Media Converter.app mediaconverter
MediathekView.app mediathekview
MediathekView.app mediathekview@arm
MeisterTask.app meistertask
Mendeley Desktop.app mendeleydesktop
Mendeley Reference Manager.app mendeleyreferencemanager
Merlin Project.app merlinproject
Mersive Solstice.app mersivesolstice
Metashape.app metashape
Microsoft Advertising Editor.app microsoftadvertisingeditor
Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.app microsoftazurestorageexplorer
Microsoft Defender.app microsoftdefender
Microsoft Edge.app microsoftedge
Microsoft Edge Beta.app microsoftedgebeta
Microsoft Edge Canary.app microsoftedgecanary
Microsoft Edge Dev.app microsoftedgedev
Microsoft Excel.app microsoftexcel
Microsoft OneNote.app microsoftonenote
Microsoft Outlook.app microsoftoutlook
Microsoft PowerPoint.app microsoftpowerpoint
Microsoft Remote Desktop.app microsoftremotedesktop
Microsoft Word.app microsoftword
Migros Bank E-Banking.app migrosbankebanking
Milanote.app milanote
Mille feuilles.app millefeuilles
MindManager.app mindjetmindmanager
Minecraft.app minecraft
minecraftpe.app minecrafteducation
Mints.app mints
Miro.app miro
Miro.app miro@intel
Mist.app mist
mite.nano.app mitenano
Mobile to Local.app mobiletolocal
mobirise.app mobirise
MoneyMoney.app moneymoney
MonitorControl.app monitorcontrol
Motion.app motion
Motion.app motion@arm
Mountain Duck.app mountainduck
Mounty.app mounty
Mousepose.app mousepose
m3dViewer.app mozaik3d
Mu Editor.app mueditor
MunkiAdmin.app munkiadmin
MuseScore 4.app musescore
MUT.app mut
Muzzle.app muzzle
MySQLWorkbench.app mysqlworkbench
MySQLWorkbench.app mysqlworkbench@arm
Name Mangler.app namemangler
Native Access.app nativeaccess2
Native Access.app nativeaccess2@intel
Natron.app natron
Navigraph Charts.app navigraphcharts
NetNewsWire.app netnewswire
Nextcare.app nextcare
nextcloud.app nextcloud
NoMAD.app nomad
NordPass.app nordpass
NordPass.app nordpass@arm
NordVPN.app nordvpn
Notable.app notable
Notion.app notion
Notion.app notion@arm
Nova.app nova
nRF Connect for Desktop.app nrfconnectfordesktop
Nudge.app nudge
NX Studio.app nxstudio
OBS.app obs
OBS.app obs@arm
Obsidian.app obsidian
OmniDiskSweeper.app omnidisksweeper
OmniFocus.app omnifocus
OmniGraffle.app omnigraffle
OmniOutliner.app omnioutliner
OneDrive.app onedrive
ONLYOFFICE.app onlyoffice
ONLYOFFICE.app onlyoffice@arm
OpenLens.app openlens
OpenLens.app openlens@arm
OpenOffice.app openoffice-en
OpenOffice.app openoffice
OpenSCAD.app openscad
OpenShot Video Editor.app openshotvideoeditor
OpenVPN Connect.app openvpnconnect
OpenVPN Connect.app openvpnconnect@arm
Opera.app opera
OrbStack.app orbstack
OrbStack.app orbstack@arm
osquery.app osquery
Outset.app outset
owncloud.app owncloud
Oxford Learners Bookshelf.app oxfordlearnersbookshelf
Oxygen XML Editor.app oxygenxmleditor
Pacifist.app pacifist
Packages.app packages
Padlet.app padlet
Paintbrush.app paintbrush
Parallels Desktop.app parallelsdesktop
pascom Client.app pascom
Path Finder.app pathfinder
Payload-Free Package Creator.app payloadfreepackagecreator
PDFelement.app pdfelement
PDF Expert.app pdfexpert
PDFsam Basic.app pdfsam
Pencil2D.app pencil2d
Perimeter 81.app perimeter81
pgAdmin 4.app pgadmin4
pgAdmin 4.app pgadmin4@intel
Phocus.app phocus
Phoenix Code.app phoenixcode
Phoenix Code.app phoenixcode@arm
PhpStorm.app phpstorm
PhpStorm.app phpstorm@arm
Piezo.app piezo
Pinta.app pinta
Platypus.app platypus
Player für interaktive Übungen.app playerfuerinteraktiveuebungen
Player für interaktive Übungen.app playerfuerinteraktiveuebungen@arm
PlayOnMac.app playonmac
Plex.app plex
Plexamp.app plexamp
Plexamp.app plexamp@arm
Plex Media Player.app plexmediaplayer
Plex Media Server.app plexmediaserver
PlistEdit Pro.app plisteditpro
Podman Desktop.app podmandesktop
Podman Desktop.app podmandesktop@arm
PopChar.app popchar
Postgres.app postgres
Postico.app postico
Postman.app postman
Postman.app postman@arm
PowerShell.app powershell
PowerShell.app powershell@arm
PPPC Utility.app pppcutility
Prezi Video.app prezivideo
PrinterSetup.app printersetup
Printopia.app printopia
Print Window.app printwindow
Privileges.app privileges
Processing.app processing
ProfileCreator.app profilecreator
Prowise Reflect.app prowisereflect
PRTG.app prtgdesktop
Prune.app prune
PrusaSlicer.app prusaslicer
Pulse SMS.app pulsesms
PyCharm.app pycharm
PyCharm.app pycharm@arm
PyCharm CE.app pycharmce
PyCharm CE.app pycharmce@arm
Python Launcher.app python@3.10
Python Launcher.app python@3.11
Python Launcher.app python@3.12
QCamera.app qcamera
QLab.app qlab
QOwnNotes.app qownnotes
QR Journal.app qrjournal
Quitter.app quitter
R.app r
R.app r@arm
Rancher Desktop.app rancherdesktop
Rancher Desktop.app rancherdesktop@arm
RapidAPI.app rapidapi
Raycast.app raycast
RazorSQL.app razorsql
RecipeBuilder.app recipebuilder
Recipe Robot.app reciperobot
Rectangle.app rectangle
ReEnroller.app reenroller
Reflector 3.app reflector3
Reflector 4.app reflector4
Reflector Teacher.app reflectorteacher
rekordbox.app rekordbox@6
Repetier-Host Mac.app repetierhostmac
Resilio Sync.app resiliosync
Rhino 7.app rhino7
Rider.app rider
Rider.app rider@arm
RobloxStudio.app robloxstudio
Royal TSX.app royaltsx
RStudio.app rstudio
RubyMine.app rubymine
RubyMine.app rubymine@arm
Safe Exam Browser.app safeexambrowser
Scapple.app scapple
Schulcloud.app schulcloud
Scratch 3.app scratch
Scratch Link.app scratchlink
Screen Share.app screenshare
Screen Share.app screenshare@arm
Script Debugger.app scriptdebugger
Scroll Reverser.app scrollreverser
SD Notary.app sdnotary
SeaDrive.app seadrive
SecureSafe.app securesafe
Sejda PDF Desktop.app sejdapdfdesktop
Sequel Ace.app sequelace
Serial.app serial
Shadow.app shadow
Shapr3D.app shapr3d
ShareFile.app sharefile
Shotcut.app shotcut
Signal.app signal
Silhouette Studio.app silhouettestudio
Silicon.app silicon
sipgate softphone.app sipgatesoftphone
Sketch.app sketch
Skim.app skim
Skitch.app skitch
Skype.app skype
Skype for Business.app skypebusiness
Skype Meetings App.app skypemeetings
Slack.app slack
Sloth.app sloth
Smultron.app smultron
Snagit 2022.app snagit
Snagit 2023.app snagit2023
Snagit 2024.app snagit2024
Sonic Pi.app sonicpi
Sonic Pi.app sonicpi@arm
Sonos.app sonos
Sophia.app sophia
SoundSource.app soundsource
Sourcetree.app sourcetree
SpamSieve.app spamsieve
Sparkle.app sparkle
SPIKE.app spike
Spotify.app spotify
Spotify.app spotify@arm
STARFACE.app starface
Stats.app stats
StatusBuddy.app statusbuddy
Steam.app steam
Stellarium.app stellarium
Sublime Text.app sublimetext
Support.app support
SUS Inspector.app susinspector
Suspicious Package.app suspiciouspackage
Sweet Home 3D.app sweethome3d
switchdrive.app switchdrive
switchdrive.app switchdrive@arm
SynologyAssistant.app synologyassistant
Synology Chat.app synologychat
Synology Drive Client.app synologydrive
Synology Note Station Client.app synologynotestation
Synology Surveillance Station Client.app synologysurveillancestationclient
TablePlus.app tableplus
Talkdesk.app talkdesk
TaskCards CardIO.app taskcardscardio
TeamSpeak 3 Client.app teamspeak
TeamViewer.app teamviewer
TeamViewerQS.app teamviewerqs
TechSmith Capture.app techsmithcapture
Telegram.app telegram
Termius.app termius
texmaker.app texmaker
TeXShop.app texshop
TextMate.app textmate
The Unarchiver.app theunarchiver
Thonny.app thonny
Threema.app threema
ThumbsUp.app thumbsup
Thunderbird.app thunderbird-en
Thunderbird.app thunderbird
ThymioSuite.app thymiosuite
TigerJython.app tigerjython
Timeular.app timeular
tiptoi® Manager.app tiptoi
TNEF's Enough.app tnef
Tor Browser.app torbrowser
TradingView.app tradingview
Transfer.app transfer
Transmission.app transmission
Transmit.app transmit
Tresorit.app tresorit
Tunnelblick.app tunnelblick
Twine.app twine
Twixl Publisher.app twixlpublisher
uBar.app ubar
UltiMaker Cura.app ultimakercura
UltiMaker Cura.app ultimakercura@arm
Unclack.app unclack
unetbootin.app unetbootin
Unexpectedly.app unexpectedly
Unity.app unity
Unity.app unity@arm
Unity Hub.app unityhub
Universal Type Client.app universaltypeclient7
UTM.app utm
vCastSender.app vcastsender
VeraCrypt.app veracrypt
Vernier Graphical Analysis.app verniergraphicalanalysis
Vernier Spectral Analysis.app vernierspectralanalysis
VideoPad.app videopad
VideoProc Vlogger.app videoprocvlogger
VirtualBox.app virtualbox
VirtualDJ.app virtualdj
Viscosity.app viscosity
Visual Studio Code.app visualstudiocode
Vivaldi.app vivaldi
VLC.app vlc
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@11.5.6
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@11
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@12.1.2
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@12.2.0
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@12.2.3
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@13.0.0
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@13.0.1
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@13.5.0
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@13.5.1
VMware Horizon Client.app vmwarehorizonclient
VSCodium.app vscodium
VSCodium.app vscodium@arm
VueScan.app vuescan
Vysor.app vysor
WacomTabletDriver.app wacomtablet
WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL.app watchguardmobilevpnwithssl
WavePad.app wavepad
Webex.app webex
Webex.app webex@arm
WebStorm.app webstorm
WebStorm.app webstorm@arm
weka.app weka
weka.app weka@arm
WhatRoute.app whatroute
WhatsApp.app whatsapp
WiFi Explorer.app wifiexplorer
Wire.app wire
WirelessMedia-macOS.app wirelessmedia
Wireshark.app wireshark
Wireshark.app wireshark@arm
WorksheetCrafter.app worksheetcrafter
Xmind.app xmind
XnViewMP.app xnviewmp
XQuartz.app xquartz
xTool Creative Space.app xtoolcreativespace
xTool Creative Space.app xtoolcreativespace@intel
Yubico Authenticator.app yubicoauthenticator
YubiKey Manager.app yubikeymanager
Zed.app zed
Zeplin.app zeplin
Zoiper5.app zoiper
zoom.us.app zoom
Zotero.app zotero
JamesUI.app jamesui
kDrive.app kdrive
FileZilla.app filezilla@arm
MediaHuman YouTube Downloader.app mediahumanyoutubedownloader
Microsoft Teams.app microsoftteams
nRF Connect for Desktop.app nrfconnectfordesktop@arm
rekordbox.app rekordbox@7
TIDAL.app tidal
TIDAL.app tidal@arm
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@12.2.0@arm
VMware Fusion.app vmwarefusion@12.2.3@arm
Whisky.app whisky@arm
Insta360 Studio.app insta360studio
OnyX.app onyx@macos11
OnyX.app onyx@macos12
OnyX.app onyx@macos13
OnyX.app onyx@macos14
Printer2Amy.app printer2amy
QuickTune.app quicktune
VCV Rack 2 Free.app vcvrack2free